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Quit Smoking?

Smoke Free Me is an amazing immersive experience that can leave you FREE. Finally!

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Transform Your Body?

Ever wanted that perfect body? loose weight, or gain muscle, even transform specific parts of your body. 

Fix Bad Habits?

Do you forget? Show up late? Unorganized? Discover new ways to adjust those bad habits and turn them into strengths. 


Learn Self Hypnosis and Meditation to help improve things like dealing with stress and feeling overloaded.

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what can VY Do For You?

Immersive Experience

Follow VY your guide into the immersive experience that is you SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

Easy Transformation

Utilize NLP, Hypnotic Suggestion, Meditation & Audio Frequency to help easily transform your conscious world.

Tap into your Super Power

Your Subconscious mind is your superpower that allows you to do things without thought on autopilot. Learn to utilize your SUPER POWER.

On your own time

Take a session in your own time when you feel like it. No scheduling an appointment and then not wanting or feeling like going. Your time when you feel like it.

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ChemoCare: Comfort Series

Cancer is a journey that no one should walk alone. The ChemoCare: Comfort Series is designed to provide soothing companionship along the path of cancer treatment. This hypnotherapy series provides a tranquil retreat from the physical and emotional strain of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, helping individuals better manage treatment side effects and maintain their inner strength.



11 Lessons



VY 101

VY 101 This course is the Pre requisit for all other courses on this site. You must take this course to have access to any of the other sessions.



2 Lessons


Quit Smoking

Smoke Free - Smoking Cessation

Are hope is to help as many people as we can free themselves from the nasty habit of smoking.



6 Lessons




It's amazing I didn't want cigarets anymore

I should have done it years ago. It's amazing I didn't even want cigarettes anymore.

Matt Damon

Social Condition

The collective dream is the hypnosis of social conditioning. Only sages, psychotics & geniuses manage to break free.

Deepak Chopra

Helped me tremendously!

It helped me tremendously & probably saved my life, It defiantly changed my life.

Ellen Degeneres


I bet if there was a competition for smoking I could have won. I Just Quit.

Ashton Kutcher

It's Real

It's Real. It's like you achieve this weird state of mind. It's you doing it.

Joe Rogan